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Two years ago I decided to expand my horizons (and career opportunities) and supplement my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree by going back to school for Interior Design. It has been an excellent fit. Interior Design uses my spatial understanding, my graphic design skills, and my artistic talents all in one career. In addition, Interior Design is a field built on teamwork and the cooperation of individuals. I look forward to brainstorming and working with others to achieve a common goal - the goal to ultimately provide clients with spaces that solve all their needs and that look good. Just a couple more years of school to go...

Holley Bakich Interior Design Renderings
Holley Bakich Interior Design Rendering  

  One of my favorite activities in Interior Design is marker rendering. This is where my fine art training comes
  into play the most. Click on the image at left to see more examples of my renderings.

Holley Bakich Interior Design Presentation BoardsHolley Bakich Interior Design Presentation Boards

  Presentation boards are essential to visual communication of design ideas to clients. Producing boards
  takes graphic design skills, craftsmanship, fine art talent, and an eye for the most important details to impart
  to the client. Click on the image at left to see more examples of my boards.

Holley Bakich Interior Design Floor Plans
Holley Bakich CAD drawing screenshot    Holley Bakich CAD drawing stairwell

The essential tool for quickly, legibly, and efficiently laid out floor plans is AutoCAD. Click on either of the images to the left to see larger versions, or email me for an actual CAD file or a pdf of one.

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