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I have been a graphic designer for twenty years. During that time I have produced a wide variety of printed pieces as well as some websites and interactive CD catalogs. In graphic design, my main goals are to create works that satisfy my client, are well-designed, and are clear and readable. I design anything from brochures, to catalogs, newsletters, print ads, logos, flyers,  postcards, and everything in between.

Check out the examples below to see my work (a low resolution pdf will open if you click on the thumbnail image), or contact me for different examples or more information.

Holley Bakich newsletter designs
Holley Bakich designed Alzheimer's Association newsletter  I design this newsletter regularly four
 times a year. It is printed in two colors
 with no bleed. It is a text-heavy
 design, and is usually 16 pages.
Holley Bakich designed Charles Allis/Villa Terrace newsletter  I design this newsletter regularly four
 times a year. It is printed in two color
 with bleed. Because the client is an  art museum housed in two historical
 buildings, the look is more artsy
 while still referencing the architecture
 of the buildings.

Holley Bakich magazine design
Holley Bakich designed Milwaukee Bar Messenger magazine  I produce this magazine four times a year. It is 24 pages. The Milwaukee Bar provides the text
 and images and I do the layout. I also do in-house ads on occasion for inclusion, as well as ads for
 advertisers who do not have graphics departments of their own. In addition, I color-correct and fix the
 photos they send as needed.

Holley Bakich brochures
Holley Bakich designed CAVT MovieTime brochure  Every few months I produce this brochure
 for the Charles Allis Art Museum's
 MovieTime film series. It is printed in one
 color (which varies with each printing). In
 addition to laying out the brochure, I also
 designed the logos for the film series.
Holley Bakich designed Charles Allis Art Museum rack card This is the rack card used for the Charles
 Allis Art Museum used throughout the city
 of Milwaukee to promote the museum.
 The imagery is mainly close-up photos of
 the Museum's architectural elements.

Holley Bakich designed postcards
Holley Bakich designed Mount Mary Student Show postcard  I designed this
 postcard for the annual
 Interior Design student
 show at Mount Mary
 College where I am
 currently a student.
Holley Bakich designed Villa Terrace Threads postcard  This postcard is
 an exhibit
 for the Villa  Terrace
 Art Museum.

Holley Bakich designed annual reports
Holley Bakich designed Arts Wisconsin annual report  Arts Wisconsin wanted something different for
annual report, so this design is a, long,
 accordian-folded brochure-style report instead
 of a standard, page-by-page booklet.
Holley Bakich designed Milwaukee Catholic Home annual report  I have designed Milwaukee
 Catholic Home's annual
 report for several years. This
 version is the standard
 booklet format, but the
 unusual 8.5" x 8.5" square
 design lends an unusual look.

Holley Bakich designed logos
Holley Bakich designed logoClick on this logo created for a children's museum in Kansas City to see one of the five pages of logos I laid out before the client decided on this one you see here as their final.Holley Bakich designed logoThis logo was designed for a hair dresser whose initials are K.B. She wanted a very simple, clean look for her logo and collateral materials.

Holley Bakich graphic design resume
Click here to view my graphic design resume.

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